Arguably the most mallcore pseudo-metal (not nu, children, because that implies mainstream metal, whereas Slipknot is rock) band on the planet. Essentially talentless, this Iowa-based hard rock band incorporates a NEW N XTREME(!!1) approach to music by consisting of an unconventional 9 members, attempting to cover up their all-around mediocrity. The instrumentals are typically poorly done but blended well with all the rest, the drumming being as weak as the lyrics, and Corey (the vocalist) can often be heard panting in between shouts due to his dismal lack of physical fitness. On the topic of genres, Slipknot is often incorrectly labeled a metal band because their instrumentals and vocals do not resemble that of Tom Petty, and their mask gimmick was stolen from GWAR, a joke metal band that really isn't that bad. Synonymous with "poser", "mallgoth", "faggotry" and a number of other unsavory words that are more or less implied.
Chris to friend: Yeah, I just pre-ordered a copy of Aes Dana - Formors from Oaken Shield.
Friend: The shipping on that's a bitch. Goddamned intercontinental...
Chris: *Nods head* It's worth it though. They're a fucking amazing black metal ba--
by Chris Zewe September 06, 2005
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A so-called "nu metal" band that evolved in the early to mid 90's.

It consists of 9 members.

#0 - Sid, turntables.
#1 - Joey, drums. main set
#2 - Paul, bass.
#3 - Chris, custom percussion.
#4 - James, guitar.
#5 - Craig, samples/media.
#6 - Shawn, custom percussion.
#7 - Mick, guitar.
#8 - Corey, vocals.

The band has gone through some changes. Meaning they've had ex-members.

The band currently has FOUR albums out to this date.

1 - Rare demo CD. "Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat."
2 - Self-titled. "Slipknot"
3 - "Iowa"
4 - "Volume 3: The Subliminal Verses"

The band originated out of Des Moines, Iowa.
All of the band members have been involved with at least 2 or more other bands since the early 90's.

In my OPINION, they are a kick-ass band.
Your opinions may differ greatly.

Some of Slipknot's widely used phrases:

- People = Shit.
- Maggots. Their fans. It's not meant to offend.
- (Sic)
- 742617000027. the first song on their self-titled album, and that number appears on all of their jumpsuits. I forgot how it originated.

Some may think that Slipknot creates a grotesque image.

Hm. I guess that's accurate enough.

They all wear masks.
They still make their own to this day.
Their masks may vary from album to album.

One of their members, Joey Jordison #1, drums, created a few of their logos, and he also came up with the word "maggot" for their fans.

Some people may think that Slipknot is just a mainsteamed band who stand up on stage in their masks, screaming out nothing with a bit of profanity.

Well, you know what?
Fuck that.
If you ACTUALLY sit down to READ and decipher their lyrics, you'll find out that their lyrics are full of insightful meanings and they have a very wide-spread vocabulary.
Yes, I will admit it. They swear a lot. But what so-called 'nu metal' band doesn't? Hmm?

I personally think that this band does NOT get enough credit.
Like I mentioned previously, they have VERY insightful lyrics with deep meaning. But not only that.. their MUSIC is excellently written.
Their drummer, Joey Jordison #1, drums writes most of their actual music.
He's a very talented young man.

Ah, I have to add this about Joey..
I've read in MANY drummers' magazines and websites that Joey Jordison is one of the fastest and BEST drummers of all time.
So fuck you.

Anyway. Getting off-subject.

Slipknot. Should. Get. More. Credit.

So, you want it plain and simple?
Slipknot is a 'nu metal' fuck that band that consists of 9 members. The band originated in the early to mid 90's with about 5 original members. They're all from Des Moines, Iowa.

If you want even more information, check out this kickass fan site..


Slipknot's new album came out yesterday!

People = shit.

by Brie. December 06, 2004
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Slipknot - The Band.

I was reading through the definitions people wrote, and 99% of them obvisoly know nothing about them. The proberly heard a few songs or saw a video for them and quickly went on the internet to cry about somthing that was diffrent!!

Slipknot is a 9 man band (all though there is no need for some of them) But the fact they are there they can put on some of the best live perfomance ever.

I read in one bit on this site that the drums suck, that shocked me alot, Joey is one on the top drummers in the metal scene. People say that they wear masks beacuse there are scared to show there face, wrong, they do it as again it is another great gimik to get them noticed and it looks good for a live show.

The guitaring in slipknot is great, James and Mick on guitar, and Paul on Bass, pull of some chunky and heavy songs. Then add all this with coreys vocals makes it one great band.

Now before you go 'waaa a fan boy wrote this' this style of music is not my fav, i prefer death metal or grindcore, but i also liten to all varites of music, from Bob Dylan to Cannibal Corpse.
by RuffRat August 25, 2005
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A worthless Numetal band from Des Moines, Iowa. Owned by Roadrunner records, a local branch of Universal. Essentially meaningless, repetetive, commercially produced noise, with 9 fat guys who wear masks and boiler suits as a sales gimmick, and have absolutely no musical talent whatsoever. They don't even own their own music - Universal does. If Universal wanted to sue somebody for downloading a Slipknot song, there is absolutely nothing the band can do about it. I don't even understand why everyone wants to fellate Joey Jordison so much. So what, he's fast. I can beat on two barrels with impressive speed, trust me. He just can't hold a rythm worth a damn. Try listening to Iron Maiden, Metallica, or SOMEBODY with some damn talent, you tools.
Me: Slipknot sucks.
Typical maggot: wtf!!! slipknto will slit ur fuckin throat u fag
Me: Manowar will fuck you up the ass, prison bitch.
Typical maggot:(Sounds of grunting and skin slapping) ohhhh god nooooo!
by Delthryn February 25, 2005
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A 9-piece metal band from Iowa, famous for wearing masks and for their chaotic live performances. They call their fans 'maggots' and have recently (May 2004) released their 3rd album, which is seen as their best yet.
"'Vol.3...' is, quite simply, a masterpiece - and a massive raised middle digit to all the stumbling nu-metal no-marks that rode in on the band's coattails."
by Max the Metalhead June 12, 2004
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a band that takes 9 people to make the same sound a retard in a kitchen could make
Maggot/Faggot : dood i luv slipknot dere so brootal!
by Smoke99blunts February 23, 2008
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1) Slip knot: A type of knot, the most common attach a line to an object, and tighten when tension is applied to the free end of the line. Also used for hanging the condemned in the middle ages.
2) Slipknot: A mediocre, nine-piece nu-metal band that has,thankfully, faded from the public spotlight. It's fairly common for pimply, angst-ridden, 'misunderstood' adolescents to be big fans.
Melodramatic teen: Like my face, my soul is (acne) scarred. I listen to slipknot to drown out the constant burden of everyday teenage life, and to find a common thread with my misery. No one understands the depth of my tortured soul. I'll give them a glance into my misery by hanging myself with a rope tied with a slipknot.
by jeffy dahmer March 06, 2007
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