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Codeword for anal intercourse. So named due the excuse often used by the perpetrator (it slipped!)
"I was pounding her so hard I decided to try and get away with a little slipdick."
by Gregory Novak April 14, 2007
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inserting of the dick into a wet pussy. to have sex
dem gyal need sum gud slip dick/slip dickin:
in other words those girls need sum dick
by Da gyal wid real talk! February 26, 2007
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A term for someone of loveable annoyance. Pleasantly sounding when spoken it's roll off the tongue often adds to the jovial nature of the word. Not malicious in use, mainly a jokey insult...
Bob: So when you coming over tonight so we can watch the game?

Jeff: Oh yeah I'm going miss that, sorry

Bob: What the fuck! You said you could like 5 minutes ago?

Jeff: Meh

Bob: Aww, you slipdick...
by Adam-ington Kirk-ington June 17, 2011
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