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From the Dutch word "Sleepen", meaning to drag. Used when one has to physically move lots of things from one place to another.
We have been "slepping" all day to move Anna into her apartment. We "slept" all day to get her moved.
We "slepped' Anna last week to her new apartment
by Dirkie May 26, 2008
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Only the best gang to be in. If your a slep, you have ascended beyond all others. Especially if your birthday is in the summer.
"Got any sleep last night ?" "No I got slep. Sle@p is a slur."
by Broseph444 October 24, 2019
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A misspelling of sleep. When typed in an irc window, IM session, or any other kind of online chat thingie, it is proof that the speaker needs sleep, because he is so tired his left middle finger can only hit the 'e' key once before it is totally spent.
<Jawa> omg i'm so tired.. must slep
<BobSplat> good night!
by Jawa July 23, 2004
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noun- someone who is a tired hoe
adj- the act of being a tired hoe
verb- sleeping but as a tired hoe
noun- “man today was really long. i’m a slep tonight.”
adj- “i just got off work and boy am i slep.”
verb- “she had a long day at school. all she wants to do is slep.”
by audz the slep September 25, 2019
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When you’re sleeping in a bed in Minecraft but the other person isn’t sleeping so you type the word “slep” in chat to indicate that you want them to sleep for the game to skip to morning
Chat: Steve is sleeping in a bed. To skip to dawn, all players need to sleep in beds at the same time.
<Steve> slep
<Alex> I can’t I’m mining
<Steve> please it’s raining

<Alex> fine
Alex goes up to surface and sleeps
by Ur mom's shrek hentai March 26, 2020
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When you slip and fall and say fuck it and decided to sleep where you landed. (Usually done while drunk)
Dude, I got so drunk I just slep on the stairs.
by Theassassinzz March 12, 2017
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a drunk person attempting to text the word sleep (in a sentence) to their friends, family members, etc.
Ferb: hey guys
Phineas: im going to slep
Buford: ok good night dude
by flaminghotphoenix October 8, 2018
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