a mythical creature from the Land of the Lost. These creatures are defined as being green in color, having large, black eyes, no fingers (thumbs and four fingers grouped as part of the hand), and webbed feet. They also emit a hissing sound when agitated. They are known to have evolved into a species that can communicate through speech. Enik was at talking version of a more evolved Sleestak Species.
Chaka was followed by the Sleestaks through the forest until a dinosaur scared the Sleestaks away.
by Brent Knox January 7, 2005
A last final emptying of the penile shaft, often resembling grain tumbling off the conveyor, resembles also the introduction to the TV series Land of the Lost, when the humans are tossed over a waterfall with some bad editing.
I was able to prop myself up to get a good sleestak, covering her landing strip with my UFOs.
by Pantaloon January 9, 2008
Derived from the mythical characters from "Land of the Lost". It has evolved into a type of defensive posture used in playing basketball.
He drove the lane and dunked on the whole team. They stood there playing defense like a bunch of sleestaks.
by Brent Knox January 7, 2005
A person who inflicts self-harm on themselves.
"she's a sleestak, see the scratches on her arm?
by Nateesha October 28, 2006
A person who is very inebriated, and possibly crossed, to the point where they act without thinking, much like the sleestaks from the tv show land of the lost.
Yo did you see that dude over there, he's totally shit faced!

Yeah, what a sleestak!
by sral July 13, 2022
A server at a restaurant like fast food that moves really slow is a sleestak
by Kramelamer July 1, 2013
A meth head that is into prostitutes. Usually still living at home with their mother. Usually someone named Jon
Girl stay away from that dude, he's a Sleestak
by Wickedlywild May 18, 2019