2 definitions by Brent Knox

a mythical creature from the Land of the Lost. These creatures are defined as being green in color, having large, black eyes, no fingers (thumbs and four fingers grouped as part of the hand), and webbed feet. They also emit a hissing sound when agitated. They are known to have evolved into a species that can communicate through speech. Enik was at talking version of a more evolved Sleestak Species.
Chaka was followed by the Sleestaks through the forest until a dinosaur scared the Sleestaks away.
by Brent Knox January 7, 2005
Derived from the mythical characters from "Land of the Lost". It has evolved into a type of defensive posture used in playing basketball.
He drove the lane and dunked on the whole team. They stood there playing defense like a bunch of sleestaks.
by Brent Knox January 7, 2005