the act of texting someone when your more asleep than you are awake and you have no idea what your saying; you usually don't remember the conversation the next day; similar to drunk texting
friend 1:heyy man you still up??

friend 2:hweytbj

friend 1:huh?
------------next day------------------
friend one: what was up with you last night bro?

friend two: whatddya mean i was asleep by eleven.

friend one: i texted you last night and you sent me some kinda wierd shit.

friends two: sorry man musta been sleep-texting agian.
by therocket4445 June 9, 2010
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when you send a text to someone while your either sleepy, awoken from sleep, or just plain not paying attention, and it makes absolutly no sense what so ever.
Erik: Hey man, you going to that party this weekend?

Zach: No man, I don't want a chocolate sunday.

Erik: Wtf?

Zach: Oh sorry man. I fell asleep last night. I must have been sleep texting you XD.
by lolzfest413 March 2, 2010
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where the sufferer blindly engages in convos via text. sleeptexting is usually involves the person affected to randomly text as if awake, any memories of the sleeptexting episode cannot be recalled. it can affect people of any age. sleeptexters are a danger to themselves & others.
chick: you heard rod got chris brown'd ?
chick ii: what ? what happened ?
chick: he sleep texted koko & told her that he was sleeping with someone else.
chick ii: zamn, sleep texting is dangerous.
by mCbillions February 27, 2009
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an quasi-medical diagnosis justifying an impulsive behavior that is regretted the next day. considered by men as the perfect excuse for justifying seemingly inappropriate behavior or for stopping a perceived rejection by females.
11:30pm, Mike texts with a "platonic", opposite sex friend:

"Joy, send me dirty pics."
"Um, ladies don't go first."
"How do I know you'll do it?"
"You don't."
(Mike sends uncensored pics of his dick.)
"Thank you."

The following day, Mike EMAILS Joy:

"I want to clear up yesterday. I was drunk, and tired, and fell asleep. I woke up to my phone vibrating, and it was you responding to messages that I don't remember sending. Asking for pics? No joke, I was SLEEP TEXTING. So I apologize for all of that and for being out of line. It makes me nervous because I've never done that before! What if I SLEEP TEXT someone that I shouldn't, and I get kicked out of school?"
by Lily64015 January 25, 2012
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The act of texting while asleep. Usually occurs when you're drunk or when drunk and emotional friends text you in the middle of the night. There is no recollection of the texting in the morning.
Chick: I know I was drunk, but I can't believe what you said in your text to me last night!
Dude: Get out! I didn't text you last night
Chick: Yeah, you did!
Dude: Damn....I must have been sleep texting...uhhh what did I say??
by TPitts August 1, 2008
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when you say goodnight to a person through text then they respond to you with a question and you just have to reply.
person 1: okay well im going to sleep goodnight.
person 2: wait what is our homework?
person 1: oh page 135 questions 1-5.
person 2: thanks. wait i thought u were asleep?
person 1: i was sleep texting.
by texter1000 December 8, 2009
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Sleep texting is where your brain will enter a sleep like state (usually late at night) while texting. Making you the things that are on your mind making your friends very confused..
Me: so what are you doing

Friend: nothing much, you?

Me: rawring in the street

Friend: what?

Me: shawk week isd a best

Friend: are you sleep texting?
by Reaper.... December 26, 2016
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