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slavior (to (en)slave + suffix ior, like in savior) Ð the prince of this world, the one who imitates the Savior and promises to save people but makes them slaves.

Outwardly the distinction between Savior and Slavior may be as subtle as one letter difference in their names.

For many old-believers, the Slavior is already here, in our very midst, and they refuse to serve this self-appointed sovereign.
by Mikhail Epstein November 02, 2003
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I have to agree with the abovementioned definition of 'Slavior': it may be a 'nonce word' created by someone who was bored-stiff outta his/her skull, but the word desribes that 'person' -- people usually do think that the Anti-Christ is non other than The Beast666 himself, who's not human -- that will come at the Endtimes and lead the World into Salvation (=enslavement: which is a very clever play on the relationship bewteen God and his 'slaves')...and sheeple will be led away to think otherwise or question his authenticity.

One last: this Slavior is going to be a Muslim and his followers will rise from the walls of Mecca, to concur cities east and west..."at the far shore-end of the Great Ocean. One city on the East they will enter with shouts of Allah-Akbar! and the other is a city with a thousand markets in each market there are one thousand markets that reside on the Western shore*".
*These verses were taken from a very old book that talks about the Mehdi, or as the Shiites call him 'Al-Qaiem' (The Stander or 'defender' of God's will) and he is going to be the Slavior (a.k.a. False-Messiah/ Anti-Christ/ Anti-God or as Arab Muslims call him 'AlAawaarAddajal', or the Liar with the One Eye' because his left eye will be 'put off' later on). And the two cities are NY & LA, both known as NewAngeles ("City of The Million Shops" it's an old name LA used to be called).
I think that if human beings were to face The Slavior at the End of Time, then I guess it's just -- as a devout Mahayanan Buddist -- a turn of simple 'Karmaggedon'!

by hammer---;, hytham April 17, 2007
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