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drunk sex is when the people having sex and they are drunk and have absolutley no idea what they are doing. Also, they don't remember what happened when they wake up or when the finally become sober. It is also the best type of sex, most people say.
guy: Babe, i didnt know...i was drunk
girl: why did you have to go have drunk sex with some slut? We could've just had memorable sex with eachother? :(
by Gabbie<333 February 25, 2010

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usually a thing that girls do.
it is a book that usually contains really mean crap about another girl.
when these books get out they could start a huge disaster.
(at the top of page in slam book-name)- Blah
omfg she is such a bitch
yeah she was like trying to steal my boyfriend
did she really?...waht a hoe
(book gets out)
blah: wtf?..i did not?????....y do u guyys hate meee?

principal might get into it and find out where the book started (or atleast try to)
by Gabbie<333 February 18, 2010

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Term used frequently with men, usually at parties, clubs, etc. To "hit that" means to make move on, get her to get in his pants, etc.
Guyy 1: Oh, look at that hott chick!
Guyy 2: Nice! Are you gonna hit that?
Guyy 1: OH, I'm gonna hit that up!
Guyy 2: Get her in your pants man, alright!
by Gabbie<333 February 11, 2010

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A term used for two guyys to ask eachother. They are usually seeing who should go after a hot girl.
Guy 1: Look at the hottie.
Guy 2: Are you gonna tap that?
Guy 1: Hell yeah!
Guy 2: ightttt man, right into her pants
Guy !; Hell yes.
by Gabbie<333 February 11, 2010

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