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Doing the best at whatever your doing. You stand out above everybody else; the supreme.
B-Money: Dang Mesha! That test was straight up hard. But i bet you passed wit' flying colors, huh?

Mesha: Yea boo I was slabbin' on that test. I was the first one done.

B-Money: You be slabbin' on er'body in er' thing. Go on wit' yo bad self.

Mesha : You know I'm always gone be slabbin' regaurdless of any situation.
by Mesha March 30, 2007
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Founded in 1996 by Chen n Milly Rare┬ę

Car sledding was typically done while under the influence on whatever type of acid/lsd always weed.. Sober is the best way so u dont ever end up in jail over this innocent safe fun (as long as u r responsible) Slabbing is car sledding in the real world while actually being in ur own world!. Must drive a manual transmission vehicle (has to have a pull emergency brake..) Put on all winter gear .. ( female passengers must remove bras.. Yes their bras..) find eyeshield, facemask.. any warm winter gear.. bundle up turn heat full blast along with favorite music roll all windows down and find a safe open parking lot empty street on an on slabbin' ina winter wonder land!!!! Stay away from areas where theres any pedestrians n people find a snowy area pull that break n slabbb on!!! ... Outta control laughing best memories forever.. Anyone not on acid seems to be the weirdo or zombie u must stay away from them.. Again that was 1996 soo Stay safe keep peace and love and only safe silly funnn lllllloooo­čśćrealshit fun times..
1996 chennmillyrare.
Chen i see its snowin' o lets get ready to go slabbin' allll night ­čść
by MillyRare December 27, 2018
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