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The sound made when stroking your mustache with the outside of your index finger while in deep thought during a meeting.
He must really be in deep thought over there, I can hear the skritch from this side of the room.
by Jim Maskel February 01, 2008
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The act of scratching a pet in a quick motion by making a opening and closing claw motion. Like scratching/itching at the same time.
Hey kitty, want some skritches?
by Dmanusos March 01, 2018
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When you have skuttery underjocks jocks and you and you know you're the biggest skritch

'I had four jam donuts yesterday and felt proper skritchy'
by Skritch March 01, 2019
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skritch is a lush person who pretty much every girl loves.
man, look at skritch!!
by itc January 29, 2004
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lol thats right we love skritch's adorable brother! no we love you besides your brother! he's just like a wonderful benefit lol
by Anonymous February 17, 2003
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