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Skopec thinks he’s so cool but he’s just annoying. He hooks up with any girl willing to make out with him. Skopec has no shame even though everyone around him (not so) secretly hates him. His beard looks like pubes and he will stick his dick into anything and anyone. His face is often the start of conversations involving strange things such as space orgies. He’s a loner and a gamer that obsesses over his skill in video games even though he’s really fucking trash. His arrogance will make you want to rip off his dick and feed it to Cerberus as you push him into the River Styx.
Person 1: God, who’s that asshole hitting on your girlfriend? His face looks like a dick.

Person 2: That’s Skopec, he’s such a douche bag. I can’t wait to kick his ass after school today.
by Dragon June 26, 2018
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When the captain of the football team is a virgin. He’s actually gay, but only for the male swimming team solely for how they shave their legs. He enjoys baking pies and has an IQ equal to twice that of a chihuahua.
Swimmer 1: That guy made me a pie yesterday.

Swimmer 2: Dude, he’s such a Skopec.
by Dragon July 26, 2018
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When a car of any type becomes filthy on the inside and begins to smell of rotten eggs it is then a Skopec. Most often, the inside of Skopec’s contain old food containers, mud, and/or dead bugs. You do not want to let your car become a Skopec.
Guy 1: Who’s giving you a ride?
Guy 2: Tod.

Guy 1: Oh shit, don’t drive with him. He drives a total Skopec.
by Dragon January 28, 2019
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