Anything that is fresh and new and threatens the established way of thinking or doing. It is the opposite of Old School and can be used to describe music, clothing, language, sport or anything.
Hey Ruben that heat you just rode was totally New Skool
by Rou Chater January 25, 2006
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new way of kixin it. it normally consists of hangin out with the cool kidz keepin it real n whatever they happen to be doin at the time normally smokin bud or drinkin drank just chillin out sittin around
man what u gon be doin after work?
shit just chillin kixin it new skool keepin it real with the cool kidz ya dig

dude: aight man u sit there n be cool n kick it new skool n shit while i keep it old skool.
by stlboiralph April 30, 2011
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