this is the word your high, paranoid friend hears when you actually say (nicely) kiss. apparently, while under the influence, your friend may see you as a psychotic pervert who wants to "skizz" on you
"I'm going to give you a big skizz"
by Spiderman21 May 15, 2008
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A. Used whenever wanted. in reference to anything at any point.

B. Yes
Tim: you see that phat ass!!!

Eric: skizz!!!


Dianna: I love you baby!

Tom: Skizz

Dianna: WTF!!

Tom: I mean, me to.
by El_BigNuts April 18, 2009
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aww dammit.. i have a skizz day at school today. :(
by meowza April 15, 2005
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1: a new type of drug invented in which you take the shavings of soap and stick them in your eye. It will make you see so many colors! *NOTE* most of these colors will be red

2: a new way of saying SKILL but for some reason without the L's
Drug Dealer:" Dude i dont have any more crack but i got something better!"
You:" What?!"
Drug Dealer: " I got Some SKIZZ!!"
You: " i think i just shit my pants!"

Dude iTz xDJ SkiZZx has got some l33t skizz at call of duty
by xDJ SkiZZx July 29, 2009
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