verb.- to both skeet and jizz on someone at the same time. This is a miraculously impressive ejaculation that cannot be described with only one of the two words. When combined, this new word skizz takes ejaculation to a whole new length of awesomeness. Also the name of a parrot pillow pet.
Joe: Dude I just skizzed all over Becky and left.
Tom: I really want to skizz on this girl but she won't let me.

Jen: Hey, do you know where my parrot Skizz is?
by Skizzerizz200 April 27, 2011
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Skizz is another word for 'chat'. In other words something gross, ew, disgusting etc.
personn: ew shes fucking skizz!
person 2: ahah i reckon
by IM SOO COOL. jokkkes. June 25, 2009
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vape, act of vapin'
Guy: Ay who's got a fucking skizz?

Guy With Skizz: Yo I gotchu' rite here boi!

Guy: Fok ya, been needin' to skizz all morning.
by skunkslunk February 22, 2017
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