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a hy-bread word for "skank", used for the skankiest of skanks
by Mike Lynch December 23, 2002
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Commonly used as an insult, the term Skiz-Ank is a translated form of the word Skank into reverse ebonics. A Skiz-Ank is a generally gross/nasty-ass bitch that can be found in the slums of any respectable ghetto. Skiz-Anks are easily spotted by their crazy-ass afro-ish hair weave, and their unwashed/stained apparel. Also Skiz-Anks should be avoided at all cost, due to their violent tendencies.
"yo, nigga check out that Skiz-Ank with the rat in her hair"

"Yeah bro I wouldn't touch that dirty Skiz-Ank with any of my numberous extremities"
by Jake Andrews February 22, 2005
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A pretty girl who has skanky qualities but everyone loves. Commonly a Rachel or a Lucy.
by Rprimm93 December 09, 2010
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