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Skiy is a real dude/gal they are intelligent but try to not show it in fear of scaring away their friends they are the nicest people you would ever meet and will always be keeping it 92+8 with you

A skiy can be found debating going out on a Saturday night or cuddling up with a cup of ice cream and Netflix
Guy 1 : yo bro you spoke to skiy recently ?
Guy 2: nah why

Guy 1: he is probably the chillest dude ever it's like he's me
by Meh nugga June 17, 2018
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A smart, nice, sexy lady. When she’s single no one wants her, but then when she dates someone everyone wants her. She is caring and has pretty long hair and the best booty any man has ever seen of felt. A skiy has the best sex life. And is a great wife.
Every man wants a skiy in their life.
by Unique._.names April 22, 2018
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