a word that essentially means no. Can be utilized for disapproval of impending tasks or suggestions. If you are a nigga jigga higga, you will say it often.
"yo bruh you going to that iftar tonight?"
"idk man maybe...what they having?"
"i think it's taco bell catered bro"

"bruh please do not go for that girl man she's crazy"
"skii idc she got a fat ass"

*word was made up by the infamous group FOMO, originally known as GUH*
by skiiAFbro June 27, 2016
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skiis is something you say after something.
Sadskiis, weedskiis, bluntskiis, mobskiis.
by [commie] magikmarker January 26, 2006
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A thot ass hoe, a dame that be hopping from nigga to nigga and fuxks with everyone boy or girl
“That dame Jalyn a skii, she stay sucking dick
by Jwettkilla November 19, 2019
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Skiy is a real dude/gal they are intelligent but try to not show it in fear of scaring away their friends they are the nicest people you would ever meet and will always be keeping it 92+8 with you

A skiy can be found debating going out on a Saturday night or cuddling up with a cup of ice cream and Netflix
Guy 1 : yo bro you spoke to skiy recently ?
Guy 2: nah why

Guy 1: he is probably the chillest dude ever it's like he's me
by Meh nugga March 13, 2017
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“i call my brother david bro skii” ; “my gang name is called bro skii.”
by squigglebottom04 July 4, 2019
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