1)Yo bitch hold up let me get my skins
2)I need some skins to my rent
3)Yo u got skins for my weed
by Ripper June 24, 2003
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The act of having unprotected sex with a partner or casual acquientence.
I slept with her last night I didn't have any rubbers so we did it skins.
by Ricky Scorsese February 22, 2016
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Bought some racing skins for my scoot, but I hit an oil patch and high-sided.
by scritch September 9, 2009
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a term used as a form of abuse towards someone with excess (too much) foreskin.
'why why would'nt she sleep with you'
'because everyone was calling me skins'
by craig feagan October 12, 2005
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tight fitting t-shirts that show the yummy definition in a guys muscles
He looks best when he wears blue skins
by bezzia April 28, 2003
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Were you with your skin last night
by m-dub September 3, 2003
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