A piece of sh!t award show that doesn't give awards to artists that actually made an impact and broke records. And most of the time people don't know half of the winners.
BTS, Nicki Minaj, and Diana Ross have never won an award at the grammys, despite being some of the most popular and successful artists of their time.

by Idcwhatyousayyouknowimright November 30, 2020
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A popular music award show thats recently come out as xenophobic, racist and is known for robbing popular artists.
BTS, The Weekend, Harry Styles and Nicki Minaj got robbed by the Grammys.,
I can't believe Grammys chose Yummy over MOTS:7, basically they chose a song that not even Beliebers lived over an album that 4 million people bought and even non loop fans liked.
by ChimmySumo December 7, 2020
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The grammys are the greatest sham in the history of music. An awards show whose sole purpose is to promote artists who have already sold millions of records so that they can sell even more records. A product of American consumption and corporate whoredom.
Sufjan Stevens will never win a Grammy (and if he ever does, it will have been a truly sad day).
by Bob Williamson December 8, 2005
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other human: dID YOU SEE THE GRAMMYS
by implicitlyspooky February 15, 2017
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An award show for all music artists except country artists who insist on having their own award show. (Country Music Awards CMA). The artists pat each other on the back and the only reason the majority of people watch is for live performances by hot artists.
1: Did you watch the Grammys last night?

2: No, I recorded so I can skip to Bruno Mars's performance.

1: Smart move man, I'd never heard of half the winners.
by ADSTA 5489 August 13, 2013
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