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A white supremacist, which many non-racist skinheads call a BONEHEAD instead of a skinhead.

These are White Supremacists who are too young and/or stupid ("boneheaded") to comprehend the history of skinhead culture and its connection to BLACK (Negro) culture, and the significance of the following historical facts which make "white supremacist skinhead" a complete oxymoron.

Here are 6 crucial facts about skinhead history...
1. Symarip's song called "SKINHEAD moonstomp" was copyrighted in 1969.
2. Every member of Symarip was BLACK (Negro) with a shaved head and...
3. This 1969 song BY BLACK SKINHEADS has the lyrics: "I want all you skinheads to get up on your feet, PUT YOUR BRACES TOGETHER AND YOUR BOOTS ON YOUR FEET..."). <--THESE ARE THE SAME BOOTS-n-BRACES THAT BONEHEADS WEAR TO THIS DAY.

4. Even Tom Metzger (a racist leader) himself admitted in his Larry King interview that the first RACIST skins didn't come along till 1978 or so -- a decade after Symarip and the other original skinheads -- as recruited/propagandized by the racist National Front group.
5. Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary lists "skinhead" as working-class youths (no mention of racism) and Webster's denotes that the word "skinhead" was coined in 1965 -- about 15 years earlier than Metzger himself says the first so-called "Nazi skins" came about.
6. See also and See also traditional skinhead in urban dictionary or wikipedia, etc.).

And here is an analysis of those 6 facts...
So far, what we can say from the above 6 facts is that a Neo-Nazi (Metzger, a total bonehead...), non-Nazi skins, the USA copyright office (which protects Symarip's songs), and hell even the dictionary.... ALL AGREE that the real (original) Skinheads, who CREATED the word skinhead and the skinhead culture -- even the mode of dress, which skinheads use to this day --
included BLACKS (Negros),
but DID NOT INCLUDE WHITE SUPREMACISTS (as Metzger himself attested to Larry King).

We also know that these original skins -- even the white ones -- were playing SKA music invented by BLACKS (Negros) from the Caribbean. (see websites immediately above.)

And so, here is the first reason they get called boneheads:
If they REALLY think the White Race is supreme, they wouldn't emulate Negros or want anything to do with the skinhead subculture which BLACKS like Symarip and BLACK CULTURE (eg. ska) primarily created... They thought this Black culture was better than any and all White cultures they COULD have chosen to emulate.

Reason #2:
The boneheads wear boots-n-braces, just as the NEGRO lead singer of Symarip instructed all skinheads to do in the 1969 lyrics I copied above... In doing so, they are taking directions on how to dress themselves, from a BLACK man (Symarip's singer). bwa-hhahhahhhaaahhhha, how to DRESS themselves!
IF YOU ARE A REAL WHITE SUPREMACIST, THEN WHY ARE YOU EMULATING AND TAKING ORDERS FROM THIS BLACK MAN (lead singer of Symarip)? Because your mommy isn't there to dress you?!

What sort of White Supremacist follows and complies when a Black dude tells them to do ANYTHING? Symarip's singer says skins should wear boots-n-braces (and the original Black skins, generally, decided upon this "uniform"), so these supposed "supreme" whiteys do EXACTLY what the Black man says and wear boots-n-braces. Do you always act like submissive bitches to a Black man like Symarip's singer, and do exactly what he says? hhhhhahhhahahaaahahahaa.
What self-respecting White Supremacist LETS a Black man tell them what to do?
.....Answer: a very STUPID White Supremacist, or possibly a masochist who wants to humiliate himself and his beliefs. :-)

Reason #3:
Most of us non-racist skins just don't want to be associated with the NAZI image when non-skinheads see us, so we won't even call them SKINheads (only BONEheads) so we can TAKE BACK OUR CULTURE: my father was an original 1960's skin, I'm a tradskin, and hopefully in a few years my kids will be (only 5 years old is the oldest...but 3 generations of skin will be great :-) ).

......The facts above (labeled 1 thru 6) make it quite clear that the racists are hijacking skinhead culture. But look at the competing definition on this webpage by the so-called "patriot"-bird, because like any good Nazi, she wants to revise history and hijack the TRUE (original, mostly-BLACK) skinhead culture.
"These shitbird Boneheads just sit around shouting "skinhead 88!" and dream of having Hitler's National Socialism right here in America; to do that, they need to defeat the MULTI-ETHNIC Marines, because 60 years ago we defeated the stinkin Nazi's/National Socialists. Patriots???!these traitors woulda fought for GERMANY in WWII. And even today, Boneheads fight against the VAST MAJORITY of Americans who believe in racial equality... A "skinhead 88" fights AGAINST OTHER AMERICANS, INSTEAD OF FIGHTING *FOR ALL* AMERICANS, which is another reason they are not AMERICAN patriots, they are patriotic toward HITLER and his values, not patriotic toward modern America. Those cowardly pseudo-patriot Boneheads like PatriotByrd cannot even JOIN the Marines, because they wouldn't be able to deal with the need to work and fight next to (NOT AGAINST) Black, Latino, Jewish, and Oriental AMERICAN SOLDIERS (BRAVE patriots). I also can't see most Boneheads being swift enough to survive if they fight in s(h)ituations where they are a lot more likely to die than "10 Nazis attacking 1 old lady," and operating anything bigger than kiddie weapons like DAO handguns (as boneheads, not sure they'd be able to work our latest weapons even if they joined USMC). America is not just the land, WE THE PEOPLE ARE ALL part of America and ALL races have worked to keep America strong, thus we ARE America....and Boneheads want to fight against America itself: us."
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A true skinhead; A White, racially aware man or woman; Someone who is not afraid to fight for their race; A WN; A National Socialist
A skinhead 88 is a true Patriot; someone who will fight for their race.
by PatriotByrd August 10, 2006
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