Conservatives who's loyalty to America and democratic institutions are less than their loyalty to their ethnicity (in support of White nationalism) and political affiliation (ends-justify-the-means support of the Republican party).

For example, supporting or ignoring a foreign adversary's attack/intervention into the election process. Dismissing a free press and their duty to hold politicians accountable if it hurts short term conservative interests by asserting false accusations of fake news and by deflecting attention toward unfounded conspiracy theories.
The pseudo-patriot Trump supporter accuses Obama of bowing to the Saudis, but completely rationalize Trump's bow. He completely lacks any principles when confronted with facts about Trump's connections with Russia. He justifies Russia's manipulation of the American election system. But he wants to ban flag-burning.
by YatM June 7, 2017
Pseudo Patriots are people who use patriotism as a tool to silence all criticism by anyone who does not support what majority political party thinks. These type of people tend to hate free speech unless it applies them
This term can not be attributed to any one political group, cause, ect.
Anyone from Conservative to Liberal is capable of being a psuedo patriot.
"Those pro-war supports are nothing but Pseudo Patriots, Paul" told his son. If you can't respect the right to dissent then you are no Patriot.
by ????^_^???? July 6, 2006
One who holds great pride in one's own nationality or culture, to the point of looking down upon other nations or cultures, often assuming stereotypical misrepresentations, prejudices, or inferiority to one's own nation or culture.
Examples of Pseudo-patriot Englishmen:

"Amongst a multiplicity of other topics, we took occasion to talk of the different characters of the several nations of Europe; when one of the gentlemen, cocking his hat, and assuming such an air of importance as if he had possessed all merit of the English nation in his own person, declared that the Dutch were a parcel of avaricious wretches; the French a set of flattering sycophants; that the Germans were drunken sots and beastly gluttons; and the Spaniards proud, haughty and surly tyrants: but that in bravery, generosity, clemency, and in every other virtue, the English excelled all the world." -Oliver Goldsmith in 'National Prejudices'.
by SparkySouls September 25, 2020