A skin flute is a very special, but not very unique type of flute commonly referred to as a PENIS. Someone who plays the skin flute sucks a lot of cock
Man, that Thomas kid sure spends a lot of time playing his buddy's skin flute
by Steven September 27, 2004
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Brendan, silly, can you come over here and play my skin flute for me? It will be thupar
by Ebag Nigel Gunther February 9, 2015
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A one-holed instrument that plays best with quick hand movements and nimble finger placement.
Dude, that chick's embouchure nearly ripped off my skin flute!
by Silbo1975 April 2, 2010
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an insturment that many people enjoy playing. Combine with a tromboner and a sexaphone and you will have the best band in the land.
your grandma plays the skin flute like a pro
by Prince_Of_Kingston November 23, 2013
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A "skin flute" is a lesser known euphemism for a "penis." Use of the term "skin flute" is the mark of an obviously hip, knowledgeable individual.
Tom: Dude, that chick totally plays the skin flute.
Dave: And doesn't miss a single beat!
Tom: ..yeah....
by Chieftain November 21, 2006
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a skin flute is the most popular instrument played in san francisco the real san francisco treat
i was in san francisco the other day when i heard this guy ask another guy if he wanted to join his band he replied sure when first guy says all you gotta do is audition by blowin a few notes on my skin flute
by ODog N Cali M.C N T April 5, 2009
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a penis, cock, dick, or whatever nickname you may have for it

Also, "playing the skin flute"
(giving a bj)
"Greg M. rubbed his skin flute as he watched the guys at the lunch table"

also, when asked if he "played the skin flute, Greg M. "Who doesn't play the skin flute?"
by LuNcH TaBlE FuN 20 December 6, 2003
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