A skengman is a man who owns many types of skeng. It can also be used as a English slang term for gunman.
Roadman 1: Went to see the skengman innit fam
Roadman 2: Aight bruh, see you in a bit fam.
by skengman1111 July 14, 2020
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Knife man which is a nick name for Skengman this is the original maker peace
You what’s up Skengman
by GrillUp September 12, 2020
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That wicked skengman who took out my appendix was piff
by Wakka1187 December 30, 2022
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Skengman dan is a former member of 67 but now is with 150 aswell as 410 he is more known as Fazal Elahi but his street name is Skengman Dan. He is know not be known or seen in a long period of time as people say he is Serving life when that is a myth and he still doing his dirty work.
Skengman dan done that shooting yesterday he was thought to be in prison but he is not
by 6ix7evenK April 1, 2017
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