A more suggestive version of "seen". Usually used to show that you're away that someone is slipping.
Person 1: Heard you got caught pulling that fat chick.
Person 2: Yeah man i slipped big time.
Person 1: skeen.
by Don OG Bo July 26, 2011
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means ok or i see. used by young children or total g's (gangsters)
i hate her so much.


she said he dumped her because she was to clingy.
oo skeen.
by Feeeeeeeee. April 15, 2009
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buy the domain for your foodie blog
'seen' 'alright' 'ok'
person one - that fly girl likes me
person two - oh skeen
by flyyy July 06, 2009
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This word can be used to replace words such as:

If you don't like using skeen to replace these given words, then one can use it in any other desired situation.
Rob: "yo dawg this shiz is skeen man!"
Bill: "ha ha yeah it is skeen!!!"

Ted: "hey man look at this, isn't it skeen?!"
Ned: "wow its like a whole other level of skeeness!"
by *UNI. D.L* March 11, 2009
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1. Skeen is something you would say as a reaction to something someone said which isn't true for instance - "init im sick at football"

2. If someone is skeening you its like they're bullshitting you for instance - "fam you are skeening me right now

--- Usually used in parts of east and north London and the places around it---
"init im sick at football"

"fam you are skeening me right now"
by krakhed123 November 26, 2016
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