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When someone or something is cool.

You can also use it instead of lol or okay.
"You are sive."
by xsatansbitch May 31, 2019
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Shortform of aggressive which means something like cool or wicked Also used as a greeting.
A: " I made a little pig out of modelling clay"
B : "OMFG that's SIVE....can I have it?"
by hanninanni September 26, 2005
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(Adj.) Short for expensive. Used to describe a female who renowned for her money-burning skills. Tends to desire the 'finer things in life.' Can refer to a girl who always gets what she wants.
Evan: Kristin, you're so 'sive...
Kristin: That better not mean something gross!
Miller & Evan: Hahahahahahahahaha...
by crystalballer78 March 30, 2009
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Kicking or knocking into things at random, causing a lot of swearing and crying amongst grown men. Also referred to as supersiving, when the person hurts him or herselves.
"oh holy, you sivet that dΓΈrkarm like its 1992!"
by teddybjoern March 21, 2009
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one of the coolest people you will ever meet. even though she's likely Irish but not Irish enough for her name to be spelt in the Gaelic way, she's super chill. although she might sometimes get irritated with people, she never shows it. people either love or hate Sive- there's no in-between.
"Sive is honestly one of my favorite people ever."
"Really? I can't stand her."
by cauliflowerpizzacrust January 09, 2020
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