sitting on the toilet while also sitting on the web
kathy: whatcha been doing in the water closet for so long?

betty: oh ya know, just my daily web-sit
by pass the holy water December 7, 2017
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That abdominal exercise you do when you’re kicked back on the couch and you need to reach the cannabis on the coffee table.
I started doing weed sit-ups instead of laying my pipe on the couch, so I can eat whatever I want and lose weight.
by Trillith November 28, 2021
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When a group of people think they are good at something but then they are shown by the speaker that they actually are bad at such thing by him/her doing it better
by Mr.gts December 8, 2019
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When someone in Call Of Duty is sitting in a specific zone of the map on the game mode Domination.
When you and your team are being killed by people zone sitting by their flag in Domination.
by Luziach Swag May 6, 2013
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