Literal definition means you are cute and wonderful and I want to protect your smile and you deserve everything good in the world. Also commonly used as a greeting
Lee Ji-eun is so awa
by kingaphrodites October 13, 2020
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awa can be used for almost any emotion: happy, surprised, sa-
..almost any emotion
-Part of a starter pack too

Pronounced: a-wah
Your Mu- Crowd of people: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Person: That's my line!
by aaaaaaastop November 1, 2018
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Furry lingo for a positive emotion.
Usually, it's set after a sentence to express light-hearted feelings, to indicate the positive tone of the sentence, or simply to add a happy feeling to it.
Haha, don't worry about it, awa
It sounds wonderful, awa
Can't get enough of this, awa
I love your style, awa
by Charlie Plateau November 30, 2021
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Awa is the name of a caring and compassionate woman, intelligence beyond measure and who's very attractive to boot. A natural born dreamer and stargazer, she is inspiring in many ways and will make you want to do things you thought you never could. Very cultured, a real poet and a linguist, Awa can diss you in 8 different languages and apologize for the roasts in 4 more. Will probably bump Indian, African and Icelandic songs if you ever go for a road trip with her. The most gorgeous and attractive lady I've ever laid my eyes upon.
Awa, what's wrong with you woman? Why did you ding ding ding me in public?
by Koronto February 20, 2018
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This is actually a name. Awa's are confused souls who can't make up decisions not here own. However, they are intelligent people who are caring and have a heart (even though they tend not to show emotional). Awas usually are magnetic females who attract the opposite sex with physical powers. Keep your away because they are mysterious, slightly.
Boy 1: Awa is really mysterious.
Boy 2: Yh, i might just go get her...
boy 1:if you dare!
by ___a.xo July 15, 2015
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Awa is an amazing, kind person. although she has a natural mean face and she sometimes tends to seem rude she is the kindest person you will ever know. Awa will move heaven and hell to help her family or friend. If you have an Awa in your life treat her right because once you lose her you’ll miss out on lots of things. Awa always has energy on on her worst days she would still help out people in need no matter how she feels about them. If you have an Awa in your life make do best to keep her.
Boy:Awa is rly my best friend

Girl: I know but be careful not to make her feel unwanted
Boy 2: true she will leave you if you make her feel a certain way
by Namesforu April 22, 2019
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Someone who asks for head but never returns the favor

Pronounced: of-ass
Did he just pull an Awaes on me?
by Moha777 May 1, 2016
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