A rockin' band from the early 1990's with deep grooves, moving lyrics and a tragic end. See also: underrated band.
"Blind Melon, didn't they sing that song, 'No Rain'?"
by Nathan Stohler December 9, 2003
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to pull a blind-melon: to get up and walk away from a situation which is uncomfortable or frustrating.
They kept clowning me so, I just pulled a blind melon. It was very liberating.
by bootyfaceheadbutt August 10, 2005
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You poke/remove girl's eye out, then you proceed to penetrate her in the empty eye socket. When youre almost done you pull out and finish/cum in her other (and only) eye.
(This is probably going to be a featured scene in one of Tarantino's upcoming movies)
I blind meloned Linda so bad last night, I had to buy her a guide dog the next morning.
by MC.GM.AP January 19, 2009
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Blind melon- a person that lives life oblivious to social norms. A non-conformist. A free spirit. A blind mind.
There is a house on the corner full of hippies. Those blind melons never cut the grass.
by Less Moreland August 5, 2017
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