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site models are in most cases average-looking girls who take pictures of themselves making kissy lips and peace signs and edit them excessively with photoshop.

they "model" for layout sites on myspace; the layout site makes the picture of the model it's default.

these pictures usually change every month or when the site has a new layout.

site models rarely ever become actual models and at best are only famous through myspace.
The site model edited her face to the point where she had almost no facial features. Yay!
by OMGHEYYYY June 23, 2010
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A person who allows sites on myspace to use their photos to make signs. These signs represent their sites.
Go to and find some layout sites. The person featured in their default photo is their site model.
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A girl and/or boy that takes pictures that they allow sites to take and use for their signs on their site, their sites are usually used to make MySpace layouts and graphics for MySpace users, when they make a sign of a sitemodel, usually the better the sitemodel, the more fans you get for example, if you get to use Missy Locke or Karly, then your usually very adored by others. Most sites like sitemodels who have good quality, with good lighting mirror pictures for them to outline to make a preppy sign.
Site: What's that sitemodels name? She's gorgeous.
by Anonymous Sitemodel June 22, 2010
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Site Modeling is also known as modeling online. Site Models will take pictures of themselves and give them to sites so they can edit them and then put it up on their website. You can find Site Models on Myspace and Facebook. If you get to use Shannon Sweezy or Whitney Blaire, then your usually adored by others. Most sites like sitemodels who take mirror pictures and with good quality photos. The better the quality is, the better it will look on the preppy sign.
Site Model
by Sitemodel February 10, 2011
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Someone who is insecure and unattractive and just wants other people to say that they're good looking; someone who fishes for compliments but isn't attractive enough to get them in person so they take pictures of themselves at indirect angles and over-edits them and uploads them to a site on myspace or facebook
xRAINBOWxGORExZOMBIEx is fat and unattractive so she posts pictures of herself on myspace and facebook so she can tell people she is a site model; xHELLOxSKYLINExTRYPPSxDOUCHEx is a meek, awkward kid who is obsessed with being someone that doesn't even like him, but at least he gets twelve year old girls to say his eyeliner is hot on a site model facebook page
by Masta Pope Mane May 31, 2011
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A person who thinks there really amazing because they own a camera, use picture editing software and has pictures on the internet.
Hey did you hear about that Site Model.
Yeah, there just people who think there amazing because they can use picture editing software, have a camera and know how to put pictures on the internet.
by bhrdkor June 10, 2011
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wanna be models.
girls who use that to feel pretty.
but most the time they are hot. ;)
' {Site Models Needed}'
by ashley erwick June 25, 2008
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