Sina is a beautiful ,intelligent girl who always has a smile on her face.Sina is brave and is not scared of anything.She is the best friend you could ever have and will always be by your side.
The name Sina means “treasure”which means she is a special part of you!
Girl:who’s that?
Girl:that’s Sina!the most amazing friend I’ve ever have!
by Learnfromdaboss August 15, 2019
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A guy who takes all possible advantages of the resources set out for him in order to manipulate any sort of device.

See hacker, elite programmer.

(note: hacker not to be confused with cracker)
by Sina "The Sina" Iman March 05, 2004
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A girl who likes to pretend she's a man and goes by the name of Pear. She pisses excellence, shits brilliance, and farts sparkles. :D
Omg, there goes Pear (Sina), farting sparkles again.
by I_Piss_Excellence February 18, 2011
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Useful abbreviation for the common phrase, "Steve is napping again". This can be said at any time from 8 AM until Steve o'clock.
Barry: Quick! Get your camera out.
via giphy
by mavdav February 13, 2017
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Sina is one of the names used for guys from maroco who attract gay people.
marc-eric: I love you sina.
Keifur: I love you sina and I'm proud to say I'm gay!
by ViViTheSituation December 08, 2010
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The most gayest person who tries to flirt with other people and says things that he is better at but in reality he is not
That guy is sooo gay he must a sina
by Bitch_lover011 April 29, 2019
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