4 definitions by Granka

This is what lucky grandparents can enjoy anytime they want.
"I don't want to do my homework, I want to go to the park with Gramma and Grampa". "Sorry they are not available, they are grannapping again".
by Granka March 29, 2018
Semper Simplify: Always make things as simple or least complicated and troublesome as possible.
Her "what do you think about buying a boat or van that we could stay overnight in once in a while?"
Me: "Hmm, if I follow my motto Semper Simplify, I'd ask why would we want to buy an expensive camper van or a live-aboard boat? Why not use that money on Airbnbs and motel rooms for the rest of our lives and forget the boat and camper hassle?"
by Granka July 2, 2018
The Marcy is the least favorable bite of a tasty, but not necessarily a healthy food.
Can I have a bite if your cinnamon roll? I'll even take The Marcy, unless you like the dried out, burnt corner.
by Granka May 14, 2022
What did you do this week-end?

Not much, the kids went to the game and we stayed home, just grandchillin with the little ones.
by Granka October 28, 2010