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when you are talking to someone or texting them and you have a question or something to say not relating to what you were talking about.
Friend: yeah so jersey shore is on tonight
Me: yeah unfornately it is. sidebar: hey seen a hot ass milf earlier at work
by Justino_28 October 17, 2012
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A public request for a private conversation or meeting usually employed when in the company of others. The announcement of "sidebar" is intended to prevent others from interrupting the conversation. Comes from the O.J. trial.
Scott pulled Julie out of the party and into a sidebar to, drunkenly, confess his undying love to her.
by fsudustin March 29, 2006
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go over to the other side {away from people}/ { to have a private talk}
Girl: I would like to tell you something important?
Boy: ok, shoot.
Girl: can we side-bar?
by silviolet July 23, 2011
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a smoke break

originated in Culinary Receiving sometime between February and June of 2010
"sidebar?" *indicates door*
"dude, i just took one ten minutes ago, where were you?"
by iced-t January 17, 2012
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To ignore an incoming cell phone call by pushing one of the side buttons to silence the ring or stop the vibration.
"That dork Phill was calling again to try to get me to join that online pyramid scheme so I sidebarred him."
by Mussmania September 07, 2007
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