A public request for a private conversation or meeting usually employed when in the company of others. The announcement of "sidebar" is intended to prevent others from interrupting the conversation. Comes from the O.J. trial.
Scott pulled Julie out of the party and into a sidebar to, drunkenly, confess his undying love to her.
by fsudustin March 29, 2006
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when you are talking to someone or texting them and you have a question or something to say not relating to what you were talking about.
Friend: yeah so jersey shore is on tonight
Me: yeah unfornately it is. sidebar: hey seen a hot ass milf earlier at work
by Justino_28 October 17, 2012
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a smoke break

originated in Culinary Receiving sometime between February and June of 2010
"sidebar?" *indicates door*
"dude, i just took one ten minutes ago, where were you?"
by iced-t January 17, 2012
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Smit: Hey John. Sidebar?
John: Sidebar.
Smit: Pussy.
John: Pussy.
by NikkiQuacks April 22, 2020
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The act of ignoring a phone call from an annoying caller after very few rings, aka hitting the "f-you" button. The term is rooted out of the fact that many popular mobile phone models have a sidebar button to ignore/silence calls.
"Dude, I called you last night and you sidebarred me after 2 rings. Wtf?"

"Omg Kelly... this douchebag just called me and I sidebarred him for the third time this week. Why can't he get that I'm just not that into him?!"
by Ginaglam October 18, 2012
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To become sidetracked while browsing YouTube or another video site, usually resulting in forgetting why you were there in the first place and getting mired for hours in a maze of videos that are (or simply looked like they ought to be) funny or enticing.
The other night I was looking for a movie about that new helicopter, but I got completely sidebarred and before I knew it, I found myself watching Coming of Age clips and nearly three hours of my life had just disappeared.
by Decent Weasel October 10, 2008
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When watching YouTube videos, "Sidebarring" is the process of becoming distracted from your original goal by watching all the unrelated videos you see in the sidebar.
While sidebaring cat videos yesterday, I found a video of a man riding a whale.
by Fire-Death Squad January 22, 2016
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