The state or likeness of being beyond godly-- more than 'epic' or 'uber'. Being siddy denotes the possibility of any lower status than itself and can be considered the pinnacle of spiritual enlightenment or physical achievement in life; it can be compared to reaching Nirvana, one really good high, or sexual gratification.
"Did you see that movie, 300? Man, that was siddy!"

"I gotta take a siddy-dump!"
by FeatherHeavens July 21, 2009
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A guy who is down to earth, sweet, smart and really tall. He can be serious and blunt from moment to moment. Most of the time he is funny and nicely-honest. Siddy's tend to be more feminine then masculine, making them ideal for a girl who is looking for someone who understands them clearly. Siddy's are one of the best types of guys to be around.
Girl: That guy is such a Siddy.
by Niikozilla April 01, 2011
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A bit like being 'giddy' but caused when someone has had too much parpsen.
He's really siddy he can't walk straight
by flakiki June 13, 2005
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In Northern England the term is used to define a bit of a loser
He looks a right siddy, i bet he's had parpsen
by Kinsolian August 31, 2004
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a bum. a poor bum who lives on the streets who always wears unwashed pink spotty socks and carries a whip. Always treat a siddy with respect or she'll fart on you. Whos head sounds hollow when she whacks it after having eaten parsnips.
omg that girl is such a siddy!
by anonymous22222222222222 May 17, 2008
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