a term used to describe an ultra-cool situation, an event that is beyond belief, or an object that is so amazing, no other term could describe it.
The powder on the mountain was sicky gnar gnar today.
by Melissa Sage December 4, 2006
used to describe, usually, a gnarly trick, or like a gnarly truck with a 15 inch lift. Sometimes may be used to describe a friend who is radical or even maybe a little bit crazy. Not used by the RSR, only when making fun of "bros" at the volcom wherehouse party.
"Bro Bro, ur 10 inch techlite lift is sooo much bettter than my new offroad tires...ure truck looks sicky gnar gnar"

"Loic is sooo much mo sicky gnar gnar than Scott"

Black jesus says "oooooooooohhhhhh yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!"

"that black jesus had some sicky gnar gnar crack cocaine"
by Loic May 10, 2005
sicky gnar gnar is totally agg bro. like totally sick like my f-150 with 10 inch lift!!
"Bro, did you see that skin tat on the bro on the dirt bike? it was totally sicky gnar gnar!"

"Bro that Famous Stars and Straps shirt is sicky gnar gnar bro!!!"
by Bro April 20, 2005
Adj. Means sick and gnarly at the same time.
ME: DUDE! I just won $100 from those scratch cards!
Him: No way! That's sicky gnar gnar!
by DZ69 April 28, 2006
an adjitive to describe something totally awsome or even unbelievable
when dean did that front side rodeo off that kicker is was so sicky sicky gnar gnar!
by dr blam December 14, 2008
a term used to describe a serious, (yet amazing and totally radical) grave faced situation in which something beyond all things holy has happend.
"oh my god becky, those prada shoes you got last week were only 30 dollars?! thats like sicky sicky gnar gnar!"

"dude. you just freakin' landed an ollie impossible? you are beyond jesus. you... are... sicky sicky gnar gnar brah! yeahyeah!
by ifreakingloveyou August 9, 2010