Well yes there is very little chance that jesus was white, but it is unlikely he was black. All the other people putting, " he was from the middle east and jewish so he was black". Just because he was not white and was a darker race doesnt mean he was black! Thats like saying im white and thus whiter than a black guy i could be counted as chinese!
"Hey. Jesus was not white, so he can be ay other race he wants to be :P Black jesus"

I had to put an example and couldnt think what to write.
by stinkyskunkedmonkeys December 4, 2010
Something that white people hate and can not admit since the real Jesus was black.
White Person: Jesus was black? NO WAY! TIME FOR SUICIDE!
by bebo January 11, 2005
Black Jesus: Amare Stoudemire's alter-ego. At times, he displays such divine talent that he can only be referred to as "The Black Jesus".
Rob: "Holy crap, Amare must have flown like 10 feet in the air for that dunk."
Bob: "Black Jesus strikes again!"
by What it is May 17, 2007
man who, after a 2 day binder of heavy drinking, stepped up to his trash can pulpit and gave the famous "jesus was a black man" speech
by austin July 27, 2004
A black man who has excelled in his proffession. Who stands peerless in a competative field. Who others of his race see as an inspirational figure. The literal connotations applies to that mans ability to come through in the clutch, or distinguish himself at the highest level.

Typically used to describe Micheal Jordan. Also used in reference to Jessie Owens and Carl Lewis.
Asked who Alan Iversen idolized growing up he replied, "Yo, there's only one, son. Micheal Jordan...Black Jesus."
by Quivver July 18, 2006
Post on the internet that is referring to something considered old by most.
John posts a link to All Your Base, talking about how funny it is.

I respond, "Black Jesus strikes again."
by Legrac February 8, 2005
man u see black jesus on dat 60 yard run to win tha game?? damn and hes a QB
by Griff July 2, 2004