6 definitions by rockstar4

a homosexual from the state of Oklahoma. Usually its easy to tell if someone i a normal gay person or a oklahomo. Oklahomo's are a lot more boring then your average gay guy.
good. there were a lot of oklahomo's though.
by rockstar4 July 11, 2010
So unbelievably awesome it can't be described. The phrase sicknasty is best used in the same sentence the words son and bro.
Oh, man that was sicknasty
by rockstar4 July 12, 2010
a dude's junk. it can also be slang for a girl's cheating buddy.
pronounced pe' pe' hoe-set
dude, you have a small pe pe hoset
by rockstar4 July 21, 2010
to kick the living crap, and in some cases kill someone. mostly done in a medieval way.
i will go to smite someone.
by rockstar4 July 10, 2010
Whenever someone blames you for something that you are too scared to explain you simply say Claudia sucks.
Mom: John! Why is my fine china broken?
John: Uh...well Claudia sucks.
Mom: I agree! Now i heard the new Harry Potter movie is out!
John: Oh boy!
by rockstar4 July 3, 2011
People who r obsessed with skateboarding. Also they think they are sooooo cool and awesome when there really just wannabe's .
Skateboarding again? Ur such a skatergater.
by rockstar4 July 13, 2010