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To Bring Magic in the Gathering of Few Great Men. No women.
David Banner: Wow can you feel the MKK.

Wing Wa Jones: Its the sensation of acknowledging supreme greatness.

B K Jones: You ain't kidding.
by Sherry April 20, 2004
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a consortium of Osaka buisness men who want nothing more than to bukkake Kriten Kruek. Known for their excellent taste in refreshments (they drink only the finest Private stock malt liqures, with the imported taste), they put a serious hurt on all who oppose their god like ways.
person 1: yo, the mkk is on the way.
person 2: them cats is why I can't please my woman no mo.
person 2's woman: get yo punk ass out of my face.
by lux interior March 01, 2005
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the mkk is an ancient mystical tribe based in the thorny underbrush of suburban washington dc. they serve only the prophets wing wah jones and bukkake j, who bring forth the hallowed word of the eternally sacred T_ny W_. they display their reverence by drinking lots of Haffenreffer's Private Stock, the only malt liqour with the import taste, and 151, which makes you shit fire.
Person 1: Yo I hear the MKK is rollin' up tonight.
Person 2: We'd better get out of here before they totally fuck our shit up.
Hot Chicks: You guys go ahead, we'll stay here and distribute blumpkins to those bad motherfuckers.
T_ny W_: fa sho bitch
by j February 22, 2005
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I was chillin, beatin' up my nicaraguan wife (cause she's used to it, given the civil strife an' shit), and then I was like, "fuck this, I'm listen to Juanes," and then these badass dudes, like 15 of them, came out and kicked my ass left and right. One guy started talking about bukake'ing me, but everyone else wasn't into that shit. So, they all bled me almost to the point of death and put a "steal life" magic card on my sack. I never beat my wife again, although I did beat my meat over and over until I almost died.
Person 1: Yo man, let's beat women.
Person 2: OK
MKK: Um, yeah go ahead, but we're gonna kill you.
Person 1&2: Who's that?

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The Mo Kounty Krew is a group of fine young adults based out of Montgomery County, Maryland. Their hobbies include fucking bitches, smoking drugs, and loitering at 7-11. They're determined to see an ultimate end to the myth that is christianity and a return to european mysticism which includes the reincarnation of Thorfinn Hausakluif and his viking minions.
The forest wizard is located beyond those woods. Stay strong, Thorfinn.
by alnie February 14, 2005
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mkk is a very freaking lit person ! She stays loyal ! AND IS GORGEOUSSSS 😻😻 if you come across a mkk keep her she's a keeper .!
by gun control April 18, 2017
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