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(n.) Twins joined toghether, sharing body parts or areas. Often, they share vital organs or limbs, and only one can survive. The origi is a pair of 19th cent. siamese babies that lived to be 70. They stayed together for thier entire lives, and even married twin sisters (not identical). They moved to the united states in the 1830's and worked in a circus. They eventually became farmers.
I heard you had siamese twins?
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 03, 2004
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A sexual act by which a man cums on girl1's face and then sticks girl2's face to girl1's. The semen acts as a glue and the site depicts that the girls are siamese twins.
Dude! I just did the siamese twin with two girls in a threesome last night!
by bradley platt July 13, 2011
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