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when something will or is going well. Used to describe something awesome and perfect. Also something styleish and cool.
person 1: what time you getting here?

person 2: about 2ish, i will walk in like..shwaa


person 1: hey look at this

person 2: oh my god thats so shwaa
by swelly!!!!! August 30, 2009
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i dunno but when im wrecked its how the word what comes out
dude did u hear me?
by krizzy February 21, 2003
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An expression made with your voice when opening something. Supposedly, opening a door.
Friend: *opens door*

Me: Shwaa
via giphy
by lemon187lime March 01, 2018
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The loud, outgoing and awesome alter ego of someone named Josh or Joshua. Makes friends with nearly everyone he meets, and will tell you his opinion unfiltered, and likely slurred. Often fueled by a lack of sleep, energy drinks and a large volume of alcohol. He's sure to be the life of the party, or at least the guy that everyone remembers the next day.
Friend - "Dude, Shwaa was going crazy last night.."
Josh - "Shit! Did I drink that much again? I need to slow the hell down..."
by Joshy - with a 'y' November 16, 2011
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verb- the act of lifting or pulling down one's shirt to expose the breast to another. to flash boobs to someone
"HEY! GO SHWAA!!!.........niiiiice......"

"dude that chick is hot....she should totally shwaa us"
by Da-Vincent July 17, 2012
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