answer to all.

a way of life.

an asian man.

the answer to all human creation and exsistance.
your a shun
"you know why you broke your leg?" "why" "shun"
by jassie April 1, 2012
Amish expression for excluding from the society; not spoken to, not looked at, not responded to, completely ignored as if they don't exist
in WITNESS, Kelly McGillis' character was about to be shunned for fraternizing with 'the english'
by Jake February 4, 2004
1. To reject someone/thing.
2. To banish someone/thing.
3. A line of high quality, Japanese-style kitchen knives made by Kershaw. The edges are tempered to a 16 degree angle, as opposed to a 23 degree angle most other kitchen knife makers use (Wusthof, for example), giving them a razor-sharp edge.
1 & 2. He was shunned to the island.
3. Alton Brown endorses Shun. Don't run with knives.
by Matt..... February 23, 2007
Both shit and the runs. When you take a crap that is too fluid to be a shit, yet too solid to be the runs.
"Sorry I missed your party. I had a bad case of the shuns."
by Sammy Stigmatism December 29, 2010
(transitive) To cast aside Evil (Munder.// etc)
"i cast aside my evil today"
"yeah, i /shuns"
by metaphor July 9, 2009
When your going to give someone a high-five, handshake or anything of that sort, to be either rejected by that person and looking like an idiot in-front of people
I went to high-five John on his goal and he shunned me!
by Chelell10 June 22, 2010