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A shubs is a house party
i'm gonna have a shubs on friday
by blackNbeautiful May 04, 2005
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Verb: Variation of "shart" occurring in the bathtub. An anal release in a bathtub intended to be a fart that unintentionally contains fecal matter. A portmanteau of “shit” and “tub.”

Noun: An objectionable person, or undesired company, derived from the verb form of shub; a reference to the little unwanted turd in the tub after shubbing.
Noun use:
Person 1: How was your bath?
Person 2: Good until I shubbed. Then I basically had to start over from scratch.
Person 1: Nasty.

Verb use:
Person 1: See that dude over there by the Twilight poster? I met him at a party last week and he was a total chode.
Person 2: Seriously, I work with him. He’s past chode status; he’s a hardcore shub. Also, Twilight sucked.
by dilbrent March 26, 2010
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1. A top bloke i.e. a sick c*nt, legend, champion, etc.
2. A top chick i.e. a sick b*tch.
3. An attractive female.
1. Thanks for your help man, you're a shub!
2. Your mum is pretty cool man, she's a shub!
3. Check out the hottie! She's a shuuuub!!! ;)
by Albz December 07, 2014
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A small building erected in one's garden more for the consumption of alcohol than the storage of gardening equipment.

A combination of shed and pub!
I got very drunk playing darts and drinking shorts in Andy's shub last night.

Are you bringing the nibbles for the party in Andy's shub tonight.
by Papasean October 22, 2015
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A Norf london ting
$ slang 4 club
1) anywher da shubs at baby....
by Steffi January 02, 2005
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An extremly bloated individual stemming from a lack of attention from a mother figure and being bulied by father.
I feel sorry for that shub.
That guys a real shub.
by Ringtin November 23, 2016
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