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oral sex given to a male while showering with a sexual partner
I recieved amazing shower head from my girlfriend this morning.
by Evan June 20, 2002
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freaking great thing to use to masturbate for girls. best thing when you don't want to actually stick anything 'in'
girl who doesn't finger herself: i loove the shower head it feels GREAT
by Vy N. December 02, 2008
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some thing u use to jack off jack off with
i had fun today in the shower with my shower head
by bura January 22, 2003
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When a woman uses different speeds, techniques, or head positions to make sure that all of the man's needs are met.
Guy 1: I didn't know Jason smoked.
Guy 2: He never has, but he did just get shower head.
Guy 1: Nice, that would make any guy want a cigarette.
by ChubbyPuppy May 05, 2011
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when you urinate and the stream comes out like a spray instead of a straight stream, similar to a showerhead
I had a showerhead this morning
by Billiam Beaver July 17, 2017
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