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UK slang term referring to a party of some sort such as house parties etc. Commonly used in Manchester. No different to any other type of party.
Person a: Yo, you heard bout dat shout in stockport?
Person b: Yea yea it's some Turkish guy's house innit? you hittin it?
Person a: Yea yea it's gonna go off!
by bigE February 2, 2012
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a word stated by ian upon awakening in an intense drunken stupor.
by bigE March 25, 2005
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A Dumplestilskin is when a male is receiveing oral and the giver deep throats so far and stick tongue out and lick the but hole
Dude Jennifer gave me a Dumplestilskin last night!

Damn she could probably give a good Dumplestilskin!
by bigE November 8, 2015
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