In the UK a shottie is normally a 2L bottle with no water in, you then burn two holes in the sorta bottom 1/5th of the bottle, and you stick your joint in one and make sure itz like airtight, and put your finger on the othr hole.
You then. slowly breathe in on the top and do it really slowly so the whole bottle is full of thick smoke.
You thentake the joint out and take your figner off the other hole and jus take all the smoke in.

If it's a good thick shottie it's a curdler

If it's weak you call it a ghostie.

Good necause you can get caned with just a 2L bottle and lighter.
Hey keep that coke bottle, we'll make a cushty shottie with it.
by subhuman_2k February 06, 2005
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a bong with no rush hole which you pull thorugh in one breath as you light
stack me a shottie mo-fo
by riley March 20, 2005
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