calling the passanger's seat of the car.
~shot gun must be called so all can hear
~shot gun is called for one way of a trip
~shot gun cant be called inside a building, only on the way to the car.
~shotgun can be followed with "no joust" otherwise it can be jousted and recalled again.
~shotgun is automatically given to a person who is the only one with directions to the destination(unless they decline)
~if the drivers spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend/partner is attending the ride they are automatically given shotgun unless they decline
~if the driver wishes to entertain themself then they can enforce the rule that the passengers wanting shotgun must fight for it.
~driver has say over all
passenger 1~"Shotgun!" passenger 2~"Shotgun no joust" Driver~"Passenger 2 jousted your shotgun he gets it"

All passengers~"SHOT GUN!" driver~"Fight it out, first one to draw blood gets it"
by jenmittzr February 24, 2007
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Firearm that is a double-barreled smoothbore shoulder weapon for firing shot at short ranges and a weapon with which we love to slay zombies and other plaguy creatures.
I slayed some zombie ass in Doom III with the extirpating shotgun.
by jinesh December 31, 2004
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When you finger a girl in her vagina with one finger and in her ass with ur thumb at the same time.
"I shotguned my girl last nite."
by 4real1 August 22, 2005
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When you sneeze so hard the snot exits your nose through both nostrils, hence the name.
I hate having allergies and a cold at the same time; I tend to do a lot of shotguns then.
by Shawn B. May 15, 2003
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To call the rights to anything in any given situation. Anyone disobeying the shotgun rules swiftly becomes the recipient of a punch in the face.
1. Shotgun the last slice of bread.
2. Shotgun biggest slag in the club 2nite. Not 'biggest'!!
3. Shotgun Liz.
4. Shotgun being first to rape quickie.
by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx December 17, 2006
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Who ever calls this first gets seconds on the joint (Usually the roller lights it). Can also apply to cigarettes.
I call shotgun on that spliff.
by Brigitte... July 23, 2006
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The person taking the front seat in a car other than the driver.. originally comes from the earlier days when trams were in use and people used to get robbed by thugs during their journey.. So there was a person sitting near the driver with a shotgun to keep the thugs away.. And hence the person sitting near the driver in the front is called a shotgun..
by Neville George September 29, 2003
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