to take a somewhat random chance at something; a hopeful attempt
"Hey, shot in the dark here... you want to do something sometime?"
by GAT4 August 30, 2009
Occurs when peeing late at night or early in the morning, (usually accompanied by an unfortunate boner) when the pee-er fails to turn on the light due to sleepiness - leading the pee-er to urinate in the darkness and get piss all over the floor.

Common responses include "fuck it" under the pee-ers' breath, but responses NEVER include cleaning the stray urine off the floor. (sometimes leaving the mother to clean it)
MOM - John, did you pee on the floor?

JOHN - Sorry, I took a shot in the dark

MOM - Fuck it
by JOHN JOHNSON Jinglesmith November 5, 2009
A shot of espresso dropped in a cup of brewed coffee.
When I go into severe caffeine withdrawal, a shot in the dark will straighten me right out.
by sneaky ruds October 8, 2007
A phrase used to describe a random guess, sometimes associated with a certain South African sprinter.
I didn't know the answer to the question so I took a wild shot in the dark, Oscar Pistorius style.
by DanielTustin83 February 3, 2015
While mastrubating at night when your significant other is sleeping, you climax into their open, unsuspecting mouth.
Mike, you and Jane were doing great! Why'd you break up?

I got drunk and gave her a shot in the dark.

Was it worth it?

by HoosierDaddy007 April 17, 2014