I like your chungus you like me my gucci shoes
shorty girl, with the skechers on wanna hold your hand make you my girl
by FemaleThokar Balaji September 14, 2021
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The girl you are sleeping with but she is not your main girl or wife. Normally you go out to a club and you meet a girl and have sex with her. Although the sex was great because you have a main girl or wife you cannot make this chick you main girl so she becomes someone you can have sex with but not a long term relationship. Usually this is a smut who has slept with many other people that ar in your circle of friends.
John: Joan is my shorty on smash because my main girl or wife is pregnant.
by teamnegativetweet January 18, 2012
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Something that Mohd. Junaid Javed was born with. It could have been cured in 100$ but his mother refused. Now he walks around with a small peepee.
Pradeep: Yo that man has an 18 inch penis.

Junaid: 18 of my penises would fit in it.
Sonam: wtf?
Junaid: yeah I have a shorty penile disorder
by Queenmercuryf February 27, 2017
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A person who holds a knife and is really short (about the height of their knife) that also has a very high pitched voice and tries to kill everyone.

Person #2: "Don't worry, it's a shorty psychopath.
by Tubby McJif May 31, 2017
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Person a:Hail Hitler!
Person b: Shorty that!
Person a: Look at all these fine females!
Person b: I shorty the one in the blue shirt.
by Bunny Slipper Bitch July 31, 2011
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