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When you're in between the dating stage and the friends with benefits stage and you occasionally go out on "date-like" events but with no real intention of ever dating the other person
"So what are you and Bob now?" asked Stacey. "Oh, we're shortcaking, cuz you now, i'm not into that dating lifestyle," said Carla.
by Glaige July 07, 2015
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verb. The "act" of lying around listless, hungover, vehemently moaning and groaning after a long night or weekend of heavy drinking and marathon partying.
We left and went to the gig without her, she was full on Shortcaking. She was all Boo Boo Boo about it, so we told her that she could Tag Team DJ with us next time.
by DJ Willow from Paris September 13, 2011
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