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A nickname given by men to females who are younger or shorter; this word can be used in romantic, platonic, affectionate, mentorly, fatherly and or derogatory ways.

Popularized by the Fonz from the sitcom Happy Days when referring to Richie's sister Joanie.
"You are very cute Shortcake."

"Move it Shortcake!"

"Watch where you are going Shortcake!"

"Hey Shortcake, how's about a movie?"

"Are you hungry Shortcake?"
by Knightoftheholysword January 23, 2018
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by Monkey's Dad June 01, 2020
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Nickname given to the most beautiful person in the world.
She's short and sweet and makes me haaaappy, she's a shortcake!
by VDeity June 07, 2007
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a nickname of one of the coolest people in the world

also including rainbow, gingersnapp, oreo, and chocolate chip
shortcake, from the irrisistble sweets, definately should be blonde
by <3Gingersnapp<3 January 28, 2009
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A freindly nickname given to a person who is missing a somewhat vital organ. Used commonly in verbal assault situations. Also see: Spencer
Kyle: wazzup niggas i just had my cholecystectomy

Freind: you are such a shortcake
by TacoJohntrolololol June 15, 2012
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