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Hanya is a very different girl from what you expect. Her eyes are as beautiful as a sunset. She makes everybody laugh or laughs with everybody. Her beauty is incredible and any guy that would be with her is the luckiest guy in the world because you don't find these types of girls alot. Hanya can we very weird but thats Hanya for you! Hanya also loves sweet desserts such as; cheesecake , icecream and brownies You cant have a squad without her. She may be the most immature but she makes the most laughs happen everybody needs a Hanya in their life. Don't have one? Get one. At times she may upset you but get over it. Be thankful that you have a Hanya in your life. She may be as rough as the devil but she cares about peoples feelings like the softest flower. Be thankful you got her and make sure you don't loose her..
Hanya is so weird but it's okay so is my life.
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by imweird123 May 25, 2018
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An expression following a positive moment in one's life, often meaning "Hell Yeah"! If written, "Hanya" is followed by an exclamation point.
Your playing Madden 2005, 6 seconds on the clock, your down by two, you choose to kick a field goal. You line it up, you kick it, you know it's good for the game. When the ball is kicked is should be followed by a sharp and punctual "Hanya"!
by Jon Watson January 27, 2005
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